Friday, June 09, 2006

Yesterday and Pizzoodles

The main reason I started blogging about losing weight was b/c I want to keep focused. I find it helpful to take a moment to journal about it in the morning before the day gets away from me and then take a few moments in the evening to reflect on how well or not well I did. So, it really threw me for a loop when blogger started burping. But, even though I couldn't blog, I think I did okay, and again, to the rescue!

Yesterday was the first day I had to eat away from home, and I knew it was going to be a challenge. There are lots of great little places to eat within walking distance of the library, and to top it off, last week, before I had really considered getting serious about my weight issue, I had wanted to go out to eat. When I called my pal D. and asked her about lunch, she said, "Tam, you can't go out to lunch every day!" I'm not there for lunch that often, so she was right. When I was there, I was getting into a habit of wanting to go eat at this pizza place down the block.

Of course, then I had to raze her: "You aren't the boss of me, girl!" So, we didn't go out to eat that day and then this week I really, really didn't want to go eat pizza and Cesear salad. I mean, the salad alone, I may as well be eating a cheese burger! But, of course now D. wanted to eat pizza! Crap!

I looked it up on fitday, and I guesstimated one slice of cheese pizza with eggplant on it (I love eggplant, so sue me!) was a little over 300 calories, more than I was planning to eat for lunch, but doable. Now, I just had to get past the Cesear and I would be okay. Luckily, the pizza joint (Pizzoodles, yup, weird name but great food) just started delivering. So, I ordered my one piece and I wasn't tempted by anything else, and by the end of the day, I was up 1249 calories. 49 more than I should be, but hopefully, I'll be okay.

Today I'm back eating at home, and I have 3 more days to be really good before my official weigh in on Monday. I think I should be okay, though tomorrow I work at the library again and there's a wonderful famers' market right outside that has tons of great food. But, my strategy is to just no go outside. As it turns out, the one really tempting booth that is full of fabulous bread is usually sold out by 10am, and to even get to buy anything I usually have to knock down a couple of old ladies. That's just too much effort when I know that eating a sticky bun would basically ruin everything I worked at all week.

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