Saturday, June 10, 2006

It All Adds Ups

We have our first tropical storm of the season heading our way. Yesterday, I did not walk because I noticed the last few times I walked my legs were a little achie, so I thought I should give them a rest. Today, of course, with a possible tropical storm and cheese in the frig waiting for me, I had to walk tonight when I got home from work. And, it was an okay walk. I thought I might get rained out because we are already starting to get some rain clouds from the storm, but I kept dry.

Another extra cool doo-dad on is the activities tracker. I've been walking fairly regularly since January, but I haven't actually take the time to track it. I did take a few car trips to determine that I walked anywhere from 1.5 to 2+ miles depending on the route I took, but other than that, I had no clue. Now, with fitday, I can keep track of my distance and such. This, along with mapmyrun, is a good way to see my progress (or lack of).

Maybe 2 miles isn't much, but 2 miles every day adds up. Even with taking a day off, I've logged 13.07 miles this week (from last Sunday to today) and (supposedly) burned 614 calories.

Sure, not huge, but it's nice to see.


Mary Jo said...

Don't knock 2 miles -- it all adds up. And before you know it, 2 miles turns into 3!

fatand40 said...

That's what I'm hoping!