Friday, June 16, 2006

Danger Will Robinson!

Today at work our part-time handy man, Mr. Thumbs Up, stopped by to tell everyone he was returning to work on Monday (he's been gone for a month or more due to illness). Now, let me make it clear that MTU is a really nice person, and I am basically a bitch sometimes (okay, maybe more than just sometimes), but he has some annoying habits. For example, any time he passes you, he has to give you the "thumbs up" sign. So, let's say you see him 10 times during the day (and you will), you'll get 10 thumbs up. After awhile, I can only think about another figure I'd like to show him.

Another habit of MTU's is hanging out in the break room all the time. This means whenever you eat lunch, could be 9am could be 12pm, you'll find MTU there ready to chat with you while you are trying eat in peace.

In the past, I have avoided this by not eating in the break room, and due to the nature of the crap job I have at the library, the only other place to eat is at a restaurant, which, of course, is big trouble if you are trying not to eat a piece of eggplant pizza at Pizzoodles.

When he stopped by and gave us the thums up sign, I knew immediately this meant trouble for me. Saturdays, especially, are bad because since there are no adminstrative people there (God forbid they work on a Saturday), this means MTU spends even more time in the break room. So, bitch that I am. When I saw him, I didn't think, "Oh, good to see MTU all healthy again and back to work." Instead, I thought, "Crap, what the *ll am I going to do about eating when I work on Saturdays!"

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