Monday, June 12, 2006

I Work with a Robot

As I've tried to find a way to tackle this weight thing, I've started noticing how other women manage or don't manage.

For example, one woman I work with, I'll call her Ms. X, amazes me because I never see her eat or drink a thing. Now we work with the public, so it's not like any of us can sit around munching on cheetos all day while helping the poor stupid folk who come to us for help, but still, I mean after working with Ms. X for 5 years I've never even seen her take a sip of water. At first I thought maybe she was an alien, but even then you'd think you'd see her eat something, even munch on a paper clip or suck down some white-out, right? So, no, she's not an alien, so she must be a robot.

The rest of the women I know and work with fit into a few other categories, mainly the eat-whatevers and the stimulus-users.

The "eat-whatevers" pretty much do that. While one or two can eat whatever they want and still be thin, most eat whatever they want and it shows. Not that they don't voice a concern about being overweight, but like myself at a few points in my life, they shrug it off. It's too hard to obesess about every bite that goes in their mouths.

Then there are the "stimulus-users." Most of these women are on the skinny side, or if they occassionally gain a little weight they can take it off by smoking more, drinking more coffee, or doing more of whatever their chosen stimulus is. Cigs and coffee seem to be the most popular since they are both legal.

Since leaving the eat-whatevers I have thought of moving to the second group, but I've never been much of a coffee drinker (blame that on my Mormon relatives) and of course smoking is just plain nasty. I used to smoke many years ago and sort of accidentally stopped when I got really sick, but since then, the idea is just, well, ick.

So, now I'm not sure what group I'm a part of. Maybe the "counting every damn thing" group?

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