Saturday, June 24, 2006

Food and Friendship

Today I'm home and other than a possible run to the grocery store for more fruit, I have no plans to leave the house. This makes it so much easier to be good.

Food and friendship seem to go together. It's fun to go out to lunch and yap it up. A brownie on your desk or sweets in the break room for all to share are meant to be good things, but considering the number of people I work with that are in the same or worse boat as myself, it seems to be misguided.

I plan to eat loads of vegies and fruit and suck down gallons of lemon water.

Maybe it will save me from dissapointment on Monday, or maybe I'll just be good and still get slammed when I step on the scale, but I just have to get back to whatever was working for me there. It's a daily battle. And it sucks.


Mary Jo said...

If you have a farmers market nearby, a trip there may be a social, yet healthy thing to do.

The produce is usually spectacular, so you can pick up some good stuff for you and the family. You can also browse the arts and crafts, make small talk with the local vendors, and it can be a pleasant day's outing, while avoiding all the heavy calorie foods. That's what I'm doing today!

I wrote a post about it that you may want to check out. It links to a listing of farmers markets across the U.S.

fatand40 said...

Very good idea. There isn't a market near my house, but I often work on Saturdays at my library job and they have one right in front of the library. Of course, I just have to be strong and stay away from all the bread vendors!

Thanks for the link.