Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nervous Engergy

With Tropical Storm Alerberto coming our way, I'm starting to feel some nervous energy. This can be a good thing because it usually kicks in my "clean like a mad-woman" mood. I know with the power possibly leaving for awhile that means I need to wash every dish, get all the laundry done, and vacuum every room now, or wish I had a few days from now.

We are already getting some sprinkles and lots of clouds, and I'm pretty sure it will just get worse, so that kind of puts the keepash on my evening walks for the next few days. Time for exercise plan B. After I kill myself cleaning and if we still have power, I will probably break out one of my old yoga tapes. Rodney Yi is a good choice with his power yoga. It's been awhile since I did some serious stretching, and it always feels good.

Well, tomorrow is the official weigh-in day so I'm already starting to stress about it some. Except for the wine and cheese celebration last night, I've been pretty good all week, but I'm trying to brace myself for a very small, if at all, lose. Now that I'm trying to turn to C.'s way of thinking that 1200 is too low, the result is that I won't lose weight as quickly, but should instead lose it more slowly and find a way to keep it off for good.

Still, while my mind knows C's right, my heart is dreading those numbers tomorrow!


Deb L said...

Here's hoping the storm isn't too bad, and that you get to keep your power!

Your comment about the housekeeping reminded me of those Merry Maids ads on tv. lol!

fatand40 said...

I think we'll just get lots of rain, fingers crossed. I plan on vacuuming tomorrow as the storm is still a good few days away, but now with my new dyson, it is a major workout. That sucker is powerful and heavy!