Friday, June 23, 2006

Two Discoveries

I made two good discoveries yesterday.

First, I found a new place to eat on Saturdays - other than Pizzoodles - so I can hide from MTU. I had a cup of black beans and rice and a salad and brought my own dressing. So, I think I was pretty good. Of course, D. sitting across from me chowed on chicken wings dripping with gooie sauce, and to make them extra tastie she showered them with salt. Oyie! She was thinking of getting fries too, and of course, I said, "Hey, get your fries. I'm okay with that." Inside,though, I was praying she wouldn't because while I can resist chicken wings, the fries would be way too easy to pick up and munch one or two, or five. But, my meal tasted good, and they are open until 3 on Saturdays and are only a five minute walk from work. So, I'm saved!

On my way back from lunch I found my other great discovery - a yoga studio a mere 5 minutes from work. Of course, I'm only over here a few days a week, but I think I might still drive over and try out a class during the week when I'm not working away from home. I'm way to old for ballet these days and so a few years ago I started taking yoga classes when I could find them, but eventually, for whatever reason, the classes would end and I'd be back to using a video. You get so much more from a class, and while it's not dance classes like I took in my teens and 20s, it is still a wonderful workout, great for strength and stretching.


Mary Jo said...

I love yoga!

I think it has done wonders for me as far as strength, toning and flexibility. It looks deceptively easy, but still gives you a good workout.

fatand40 said...

I agree. Especially, depending on the class,you can get your heart pumping just as much as you can in an aerobics class.

I know I'm going to be stiff as a board starting into it again, but it should be a good combo with the walking.

Deb L said...

I really enjoy yoga, but have a hard time motivating myself to DO it. Finding the time to commit to a class is impossible right now, so a couple winters ago I bought a boxed set of Yoga Zone on DVD.

fatand40 said...

Videos work will, but again, I have a hard time getting myself to do them. But, you're right. It's hard to get yourself out the door to class too.

Deb L said...

I just re-read my previous comment... I realized the phrasing makes it sound like I motivate myself to do the DVDs... LOL!! er, not so much. I am lucky if I keep motivated for more than a couple days in a row no matter what kind of exercise it is.


fatand40 said...

I know. I'm always looking for a good excuse not to go walking. It's been raining a lot in the evening lately. Hey, I could get hit by lighting you know ;)