Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today's Carrot Stick

I'm still uneasy about my friend's insistance that I should eat 1700 calories. That just seems like too much food. If I had known I was going to jump into this new diet phase (attempt 9,992), I would have done as she suggested and write down what I ate for 3 days on regular non-diet days and average out the calorie count. I suspect it was around 2000, but that's really a guess.

I'm going to attempt to write down what I might eat in a typical day and go from there, but when I quickly run the numbers in my head, it doesn't seem much more than 1700, like I said about 2000. So, will cutting out a mere 300 calories a day really do that much? Shouldn't I suffer more?

I agree that 1200 is really, really hard to do, and of course, if I don't need to do it, great! But what is the magic calorie number?

Today, at least, I'm trying to prepare myself to eat as light as I can because there is that wine and cheese and some low carb bread for the cheese spread waiting for me tonight. I'm picturing myself munching in the kitchen with my husband with my wireless laptop that we keep at the kitchen table. With every piece of cheese, I pull up and plug in another number, and ka-ching - up goes my calorie total, ka-ching, ka-ching.

So, my carrot stick today is in the form of a piece of smoked swiss cheese.


Deb L said...

I think 1200 calories per day sounds like starvation, honestly. When I put my age, gender, and physical activity level into ,it tells me to eat 1800 calories with less than 30 minutes of exercise daily; 2000 calories with 30-60 minutes of exercise; and 2200 calories with over 60 minutes of exercise.

Everything I've read, that seems reasonable, about dieting says to make permanent lifestyle changes. Eat the right amount of food, exercise, and try to ignore the way insane people look ;)

Also, I've found that exercises which tone the body will help me *look* slimmer, even when my weight doesn't change or even increases.

So, eat healthy, and don't feel bad about the occasional piece of cheese! :)


fatand40 said...

Thanks, Deb. Interesting site, though, I think they are suggesting calories to maintain, not necessarily lose weight, but I agree that 1200 forever would not be doable for me.