Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tam Can't Cook

One of my first cooking lessons as a child was making cup cakes. I went to a Catholic school and each classroom had an adopted child from some 3rd world country and we'd do things to earn money to send to him/her. For our class, we'd make cup cakes and sell them for 10 cents each to other classes.

The first time I had to do this, my mother took it as a good opportunity to give me a cooking lesson. And I learned that there's a big difference between baking powder and baking soda. My little cup cakes looked like hocky pucks.

To this day, I still struggle in the kitchen. I do stupid stuff like over cook things so they burn on the bottom of the pan, or cook stuff too high so it boils over, or just totally forget I'm cooking anything. My husband is a wonderful cook, so basically the kitchen is his domain. But, a gals gotta eat, so I've become reliant on processed food, most recently I discovered Weight Watchers frozen dinners. Many are tastey and meat free (not a big fan of meat) and cheap, about $2 to $3.

Problem is that I've now discovered my possible sodium issue and have also discovered how these puppies are packed with sodium. When you are trying to keep your sodium intake to around 2000 to 2400mg a day and one dinner as 500, well, nuff said. It ain't pretty.

So, today I have yet another ingredient to keep an eye on at the grocery store. This could possibly be the longest time I ever spent in a grocery store, might need to pack a lunch!

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