Monday, June 19, 2006

The News - It Is Good

The two pounds are still off as of this morning's weigh-in. Now I know 2 little pounds may sound like a pathetic thing to get excited about b/c Lord knows I've got a long (long) way to go still, but it's just the idea that I made some progress. Whatever I did worked, and it wasn't all that difficult.

My plan is to just try to do it again. As C. said to me this morning when I called her, "If it ain't broke."

C. also told me about her own weight experiment that she tried as a way to prove to me that I shouldn't go the 1200 calorie route. For a week or so she at 1800 to 2000 calories (much higher than she usually ate) and just stayed away from refined sugars and ate lots of fruits, vegies, whole grains, and some protein. At first, she started getting concerned because after about 4 or 5 days, she saw no weight difference, didn't lose but didn't gain. Oh, and I should say too that she has been fighting off a cold so she didn't exercise at all this same week either.

Finally about the 5th or 6th day, it kicked in, and she lost a pound. A few days later, and she had lost a total of 3 lbs. Now, she's all excited and is going to keep doing this because she has realized she can actually eat more than she thought she could and still continue to lose some weight. She'd probably like to lose another 10 or so pounds.

While I am eating more healthy these days, basically cutting back on processed food and increasing my vegie/fruit in take, I haven't got it in me at this point to kiss off refined surgars totally. I know they are bad, but it's not like I'm used to eating a bowl of ice cream every day or sucking down a couple of candy bars. Therefore, the low fat/low cal chocolate pudding cup or the occassional bag of 100 calorie cookies are still in my diet.

Here's to hopefully another 2lb lose this week!


Deb L said...

What's the point of living without having yummy things? I'd keep the occasional candy and cookie too :D Congrats on your efforts paying off!

fatand40 said...

Thanks, Deb! I agree. It's all a balance, even when you are trying to lose weight. If you cut out everything yummy, you'll never stick with it any way!