Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good Genes Not Jeans

So, my 3 readers don't think I look fat or 40, which of course I love to hear. However, keep in mind that my current photo is just a head shot ;) I have about 30+ lbs to lose and I would still not be anywhere close to my 20 year old weight.

Now as far as looking 40, I will admit that my family is blessed with good genes. When I was raving about how my older sis who lost almost 30 lbs now looks more like the sis of her daughter rather than her mom, I wasn't joking. Plus, one nice thing about having blonde hair is that any gray just sort of blends in. My mom is a natural strawberry blonde and you'd have a hard time finding a gray hair on her head.

Granted, we all have different visions of our bodies than others, but that is one way we get into trouble. The lbs just sneek on little by little and aren't that noticable until they assemble themselves one day around your middle. I say "we" when I really mean "me" of course.

So, today was another okay day on the new plan. I managed to do another 40 min. walk tonight, and the weather in FL is just gorgeous right now in the evenings, so it makes it much nicer to walk. It is about 8:30 pm and counting the wine that I haven't drank yet, I still have over 200 calories to go.

Tomorrow is grocery day, so I need to plan my strategy. Hopefully, the deli folks won't be extra nice and try to give me too many samples as I wait. Hopefully, the sushi guy in seafood won't seduce me with his California rolls or those new yummy shrimp dumplings he just started making, damn him!

Time to sip some vino and much on a pita (a mere 80 calories, thank you very much).

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