Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Little Success

I couldn't help myself and weighed in this moring. Looks like I lost a few lbs. I say a few as in 1.8 (love those digital scales). But, as it's Saturday, that means I still have the potential to mess things up over the weekend. Therefore, my strategy is to keep eating like I have been for the most part this week but crank up the water with lemon intake a tad and eat a good amount of fruit.

I checked my average calorie intake on fitday, and it's got me at 1277. Now, I know C. begged me to eat 1600, but she also said that people who eat around 1200 will lose more weight quickly. Sorry, but 1.8 is not a lot and considering that's my weekly total (so far) I can't say that it's quick either.

This has made me wonder about why, if 1200 is supposed to be the quick weight lose magic number, I wouldn't have lost more at this point. I've been pretty fanatical about loading whatever I eat in fitday, so I think I've been pretty accurate. Sure, by Monday a miracle could happen and another 2 lbs may disappear. However, there is the possibility that because my calorie intake was probably around 2,000 before the diet, a mere 700 or so calorie cut back isn't enough to make a drastic difference for me.

Sodium is anther issue. I've been tracking it this week along with calories, and as C. suggested, trying to keeping it in the 2,000 to 2,400mg range, and man, I am right there, not much less. Fitday has me averageing about 1843 over the past week.

That bloody sodium could be the answer. Funny how up until now, I've never really thought about picking up a salt shaker and shaking away.

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