Monday, June 12, 2006

Step Away from the Salt Shaker

When I finally talked with C. this afternoon about my disappointing weigh-in, I felt like she was talking me off a ledge or something, like I was one of those crazy people you see on TV getting ready to end it all off the Empire State building.

"Calm down. Let's talk this thing through. Don't give up yet!"

"I'm not going to give up, but I'm cutting way, way back."

"That's what I mean. Don't do it. You can get through this. Trust me. You'll regret it if you go back to 1200 calories!"

The long and short of it, as I suspected, it was that bastard cheese that did me in but not necessarily for the reasons I had thought. While, sure, the cheese was a load of calories, I had pretty much starved myself that day eating only about 1,000 calories. C. explained that since you need to eat 3500 calories to gain a lb. of fat, there's no way I could have eaten 3500x2 (for the 2lbs I had gained back from Friday) in just 2 days. Okay, maybe if I had eaten my way through a chocolate factory, but I hadn't.

Her analysis was that the cheese, which is super high in sodium, made me retain water. So, oh, great. That means now I have to count sodium and calories? Yes, that right. So, I'm going to do it. According to C., I should keep my sodium no higher than 2400mg. Needless to say, once I started looking at all the prepacked food I eat (I am not much of a cook), that doesn't take long for me to get to.

She also suggested I drink lots of water (which I had started drinking along with lemon juice this morning already) along with fruit and vegies for the next few days in an attempt to flush out the sodium. And, she begged me not to go below 1600 calories.

I'm still not convinced that I need to eat 1600 calories, but I'm going to try to keep it around 1500 and now keep an eye on the sodium as well.

On a good note, I walked another 40 minutes today. Alberto decided to cut us some slack down here in South Florida, and while it was humid as all get out, I didn't get rained out today either, so I was able to lug my fat sodium filled be-hind around the neighborhood again.

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Deb L said...

As hard as it is, just try to ignore those scale numbers for the first few weeks. Yeah, write them down and all that, but the more "real" numbers are from a longer window of time. I know personally, and maybe it's TMI, that depending on where I am in my monthly cycle I can retain 5-10 lbs of water. Give yourself a little leeway, and remember your body is still adjusting to this new life :D

I can't remember, your friend sounds like she'd know, but I think celery is high in salt.

Altoids makes a ginger mint, which might be something that would work for you. They're very zingy, and also have the wonderfulness of helping settle that "ugh" tummy feeling. *checks tin* They are 10 calories for 3 mints. 3 mints have 6 grams of sugar, and zero salt, zero fat.

You can do this, just hang in there!