Monday, June 12, 2006

The News Sucks

Well, I stepped on the scale this morning and as I suspected, the news was not good. I have an emergency call into my diet guru friend, C. but more than ever I'm questioning the whole 1700 calorie thing.

Confession time - I weighed myself on Friday morning and had lost 2 lbs. Most of the week, I was eating anywhere from 1200-1300 calories, so things seemed to be working. That same day is when I talked to C. who told me that I need to eat more, and of course, I was more than happy to do that! Two days later, I weigh in and my 2lbs lose is gone. I'm only a few ounces lighter than I was when I started this thing last Monday. So, I didn't even lose 1/2 a lb!

I'd like to say that the numbers on the scale don't matter. I've been walking almost every day. Heck, I did 45 minutes yesterday! I'd like to say that I'm building muscle, that maybe I'm losing inches, but that's a crock. The numbers matter to me! Unless there's some kind of brainwashing pill out there or voo doo doll for this, they are always going to matter.

So, I will talk with C. and I will consider her advice, BUT I am also resolved to get some lbs off, so if it takes 1200 calories, so be it! Until I had my wine and cheese fandango on Saturday and then on Sunday ate 1643 calories, I was on track. Now, it's like last week didn't even happen. Those hunger pains were for nothing.

Today, I'm at square 1...again...and it's not pretty.


Mary Jo said...

I'm not a calorie counter, but 1700 a day seems like a lot. . . .

fatand40 said...

I agree. When you think that I was probably eating around 2,000, a cut of 300 isn't that much.