Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rodney Yee Kicked My....

We've had a number of thunderstorms through here lately. Mainly, they make more noise than rain, but just the same, it's not real good walking weather. Yesterday, I did manage to walk, but I had to cut it short and walked very quickly. Too bad too because with rain it usually cools down some, so it's kind of nice to walk. I just don't want to get hit by lightning, ya know.

To avoid the rain and still get some exercise, today I decided to do one of my yoga tapes. Unfortunately, my fav Rodney Yee Power Yoga has offically gone to video heaven, but I had one of his upper body tapes and did that instead. I managed about 20 minutes of grunting and he said to "relax and breathe"....and finally said "uncle" once he started doing back bends

Sorry, Rod...not gonna happen!

Boy, I am so stiff! I can't believe it. I have always been pretty limber, but you don't use it and you lose it, and I have definitely lost it. I'm going to die when I take that yoga class next week. Die, die, die!

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