Monday, June 05, 2006

Listen to Your Pants

Okay, so I finally took my official weight today and logged it into my new FitDay account.

The bad news is that it was as bad as I had expected. The good news is that according to FitDay, I need to lose 1.48 lbs. a week to get to my goal weight on the date I specified. And, I know that's doable. When I did WW, I usually lost 1lb. a week if I didn't exercise, and 2 if I did. Since January, I've been pretty good about walking almost every day, so hopefully, that will be enough to make a difference.

Like I said, I wasn't really that surprised at the numbers on the scale, and the reason for that is that my pants had tried to tell me, to warn me, about what was happening to my body, but I just didn't listen to them. I think I'm not alone when I say that many women know exactly the weight they need to be for specific pants in their closest. For example, I know I need to be XXX if I want to comfortably wear my Calvin Klien jeans. I know for my Dockers, it's XXX. And so on. When your fat pants are snug and you find yourself thinking that you need to get new fat pants, say in the next size up, that's when your pants start screaming at you: "What? Are you crazy? What about me, back here, folded up in the corner of your closet? Don't you remember how much you used to love wearing me? I made your ass look so great!


Deb L said...

A couple years ago, I bought the box set of Yoga Zone DVDs, and when I actually DO some yoga, I feel great. And it helps tone those flabby spots. And I can do it in my home, so I'm not the goof wobbling around in a class full of svelte gymnasts looking serene. It's pretty nice to do one of the segments in the evening as a way to unwind from the day. Don't know if something like that would interest you.


fatand40 said...

Actually, I love yoga and I should start back at it again. It would go well with the walking I do. I got a Rodney Yi (sp?) video and a few others, though his is my favorite.

I agree about not doing that kind of thing with other people around. I'm actually not too bad at it b/c I took a zillion years of ballet, but still, it's nice to do it at home behind closed doors!