Monday, September 18, 2006

Retiring My Pants

Well, not great news from the scale, but not awful either. I'm pretty much the same. However, I'm still feeling okay about my approach. I plan to try on my khaki pants later today and see how they fit, after I exercise and clean up.

Speaking of exercising, I was so not into it last night after getting home from work, but I usually start with, "Oh, hell, I'll just do the 2 mile with no weights." Then I move up to convincing myself "2 miles and weights" and finally by the time I pop the DVD in I can usually talk myself into doing the 3 mile, which I managed to do last night. I even managed to do the weights with the 3 mile. I'm up this morning in my grups ready to tackle the 3 mile again.

Hopefully, my khaki's will tell me I'm on the right track, but for now, I actually retired 2 pairs of fat pants to the back of the closet yesterday. Eventually, I'll send them out the door because I know it's not a good thing to keep them around. It makes it too convenient to slip up.


Anitaml said...

Tammy, sounds like you are really doing great!

You have me on the edge of my seat. You have done the impossible and created drama over pants! Well? Did they fit?

You go girl!


fatand40 said...

I can zip them, but that's about it still. Baby steps.

anita said...

"I can zip them,"

Excellent! Nice going.