Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lost a Pound....of Hair!

I've been wanting to do something with my long straight hair for a while now. Usually, I just pull it back because it is so long that it's just all over the place, and unlike movie stars, I don't have someone walking around behind me with a brush in her hand. But, with long fine hair like mine, there aren't a lot of options, especially for me because I don't like to fuss with it a lot. I don't blow it dry, color it, spray it, moose it...hell, it's all I can do to run a comb through it a few times a day. So, I had this idea that one way to get a little style but not do something drastic was to beef up my very whispy practically not there bangs.

I have no hair dresser so to speak since I usually get my DH to use my sewing scissors to trim the ends for me, but I thought, "hey, how hard can bangs and a trim be?"

Well, I should have turned and run when I saw the woman at the beauty parlor. She had to be about 60, with a tobacco cough and smell, and she had wacked-out ringlets of obviously dyed hair piled on top of her head. But, did I run? Nope, like an idiot I let her touch me.

I showed her the drawing I'd done of what I wanted, and at first she said, "Oh, you don't want that."

"No, no, I do want that," I replied.

"Oh, okay, I know what to do," she said. And, yup, she pretty much did it. She layered my hair! And my bangs? Hardly look different than when I went in there.

I had a feeling she was giving me a hatchet job, but you can't really see what's going on back there, you know? Plus, I'm very near sited and I had to keep taking my glasses off so they didn't get stuck in the comb. In fact, at one point, she actually broke a comb in my hair! When I got up and looked on the floor, I saw my blonde locks in piles every where. B*tch!

Really, hair dresses are worse than medical doctors. They don't listen to you! I guess I'm back to being a 40+ hippy now because I will never walk into a salon again....as God is my witness!

Now I know hair will grow, but what really sucks about all of this is that I've been working my *ss off, exercising, watching what I eat, I'm even going shopping next week (and I hate shopping... I like stuff, just don't like going to get it), all of this so I look like a put together professional academic beautiful brainiac when I present my dissertation. Now I may have to walk in there with a bag on my head.


Queue_t said...

it is only hair, don't get yourself too upset with it. I am sure it looks fine and you can do somethings with it you hadn't before.

I wore my hair quite long for a long time ( 20 yrs) and now I wear it short and love it.


Deb L said...

oh dear god that is my worst nightmare!!! I've had butcher jobs on my hair, and I really want to get a "real" haircut to tidy up the bangs and ends, but short of spending more money on a cut than I'm comfortable with, the only option left is rolling the dice that I get a good one.

*hugs* I'm so sorry she wrecked your hair! Maybe you can find someone else to fix it? I know, I know. No faith in strangers with scissors... pot calling kettle here ;)

fatand40 said...

Thanks, Tamara. I know it will grow back, and thankfully, my hair grows pretty fast, but I just am not into fussing with my hair. That's why I went with bangs and what was supposed to be a straight across trim. Nothing really needs doing for that.
Deb - Yes, it really sucks. I'm still sort of in a daze that someone would actually do that to me. And, that I let them! I wish I had some advice for you, but I'm going back to having my husband do the ends and me do my own bangs. It may look bad, but it can't look worse than this.

Anita said...


Sorry to hear about your hair. Wow.

Are you sure that it looks that bad? Or is it just different than what you are used to?

I think you should talk to friends and find out where they get their hair cut. Maybe a good hairdresser can fix it....despite the "As God is my witness" statement..it might be a viable option.

Can we have a pic?


Anita said...

What about the PANTS??????

Hair...hair...hair. What about the PANTS?


fatand40 said...

Hi Anita, the pants still zip up, though they are tight on me, not something I'd wear out the door as yet.
I did think about going for more torture, but I'm just going to let it grow out and then stick to cutting it myself with my hubby's help. Honestly, it doesn't look super bad, still pretty long, but it is in a zillion different lengths now. Maybe if I was the type to mess with my hair I could do something with it, but that will never happen.