Saturday, September 16, 2006

Khaki Capris

The scale was not kind to me this morning, but I'm not going to let it totally freak me out, at least not yet. While the scale says that I gained a lb. back, my clothes are saying something very different. I even have a few of my fat pants (which were tight by the way - pathetic - I know) that pretty much swim on me so are no longer wearable. Plus, I wore my green pants to work the other day, all day, and they are cotten, so by the time I got home, they were pretty baggy.

Therefore, now that I no longer have my green pants to help gauge my progress, I pulled another pair out of my closet, my khaki capris. They now fit over my hips and I can zip them, but just barely. So, while I plan to try the scale out again in a few days, I'm also going to try these on every few days as well. Maybe I did gain a lb, but then again, maybe it is just water weight, or the scale if f-ed up, or who knows, but after my last experience where one day I was one weight and the next I was 2 lbs lighter, I've learned that my scale, which BTW is digital and should be farily decent quality since I paid about $40 for it, but I've learned it is not the end all in gauging my progress.

Today is another challenge. I'm eating out at a cafeteria style place. I'm visiting my young nephews, oh and their mom and grandmother of course too, and this is a great place to bring kids, so they are regulars. I even ate there when I was kid, many, many, many years ago! My game plan is to get fish, even though it's fried (fitday puts it at 400 calories) and lots of green vegies like green beans and cabbage. While the fish is hirer than I'd like and I could just eat a bunch of vegies, I know the fish, since it's a protein, will stick with me, while a plate of beans and cabbage and broccoli will only make me hungry an hour later. So, the plan is to eat this hirer calorie meal and if I get hungry later (which of course I will....not trying to kid anyone here!) then I'll have a salad with rice vinegar dressing, which is like eating air basically.

Well, got to hit the road. Wish me luck!

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