Sunday, September 10, 2006


Getting ready to head for bed and my total calories are 1414! Not too bad, especially for a busy day. Plus, I managed to do the 2mile DVD when I got home from work. I'm sooo sooo tempted to weigh in tomorrow, but I'm really going to try to hold off.

I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow. The good news is that I purposely picked an eatery that has a web site and the menu is posted on it. This way I can have my game plan ready before I get there. That makes such a huge difference for me when dining out. One tip I remember from WW is that the instructor once said when she eats out she always tries to order first. This way it is much easier for her to eat what she should versus cave in and order something she knows she shouldn't eat. Plus, this sort of sets things up for the others you are eating with, sets an example, that often they will follow.

Okay, going to check out the web site and then off to dream land.....

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