Friday, September 15, 2006

Busy, Busy Days

Yesterday was so crazy, I didn't even get a chance to blog here. However, I did make time to fill out my fitday menu, but just barely. It was just one of those days when I literally had no lunch time, and eating, therefore, was tricky to say the least. But, days like yesterday make planning even more important than ever because I have to have some kind of control or I'd be totally f-ed for the day.

This whole thinking ahead when it comes to eating is still a major hurdle of mine. I am normally the type of person that I just don't think about that kind of thing until I'm hungry. Then, it's like, okay, look around, what is easy and quick. But easy and quick usually means fattening and not necessarily something that is going to keep me full.

Today is another difficult day because I may be going out to lunch, but again, it's all in the planning. My lunch buddies aren't exactly sure where we will go. If you don't know where you're going to eat, how do you plan anything? What to do?

I realized this morning as I was filling out the day's menu that I basically have to instigate. If no one wants to decide, then I decided to suggest a place. For example, there's a restaurant close by that I know I can get a pretty decent lettuce and shrimp salad, minus the bread they served with it last time. The shrimp part has some mayo in it, so not super thinning, but shrimp means protein, so it should stick with me most of the day.

Hopefully, my planning will pay off. I decided not to step on the scale today. Since I had such nice results last Saturday, I'm going to try it again tomorrow.

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