Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fish and Other Successes

My fish turned out okay yesterday. I had a brainstorm and realized fried fish always tastes good. So, I cut up my catfish in small pieces, powdered it with soy flour, and fried it in a skillet with a mix of Pam and faux butter. Not the most attractive fish in the world, but tastie still.

It's funny how one day you can be all upset that things aren't going right, and a few days later everything seems to fall into place. I've now officially got 4lbs off, and I feel pretty good about this week. Hopefully, I'll see pound number 5 gone sometime soon.

I was also freaking out over graduating, and I still feel a little uneasy with all of that. However, out of the blue I was offered two web classes to teach at the school that hates me. Hell, I'm taking them. If nothing else, it will help me keep my pinky toe in academia, I'll make a little money from working at home (which is extra cool), and as an added bonus, I may get the opportunity to turn a few unsuspecting students onto some Victorian literature. Ha!

Today is grocery day, so first I have to write a thrilling article about hammers....yes, the life of freelance writer is really spellbinding....and then off to Publix where I hope no one in the deli offers me a piece of cheese.

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