Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fishy Cooking

I just uploaded my food menu for the day in fitday.com. So far, like I've said, I've found this challenging, but it is kind of helpful. Even if I change things a little throughout the day by adding and subtracting various foods, on the whole, it gives me game plan to follow. So, I'm going to try to keep doing it.

One issue I've run into lately is that I've been trying to eat more fish. Honeslty, I'm probably one of the few people on the planet that can admit to actually liking the taste of fish, but since my cooking skills are rudimentary, I'm not always that successful, especially with something like fish. Sometimes it works and I cook a great piece and sometimes it turns out kind of icky. The main issue I have is trying to determine when the dang this is cooked all the way through! If it weren't for all the sodium issues, I'd just buy it precooked in the freezer section and nuke it.

Other than trying to figure out how to cook a piece of catfish, my food problems shouldn't be too difficult today because I'm home all day writing. I had lunch yesterday with a friend who made the comment that it must be hard working at home because she would be eating all the time (ouch). However, for me, it's pretty much the opposite. At home, I control what I eat and when I eat. When I go to my crap job, that's not the case. Birthday cakes pop up in the break room. Party sandwiches leftover from the day before are announced through the grapevine. Then there's the "let's go out to lunch" thing, which is totally understandable because you what to get the hell out of there, if even for an hour. All of these little thing add up to control problems, at least for me. Maybe some people would find their heads stuck in the frig all day if they were working from home, but I really hate it when people assume that's the case for me. I make a fairly decent income from my writing, and if you think about it for a few minutes, you'd realize no one could do this if they were sitting around watching TV all day and eating bon-bons.

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