Monday, January 22, 2007

Tempted by Pilates

I came this close this weekend to buying a pilates machine.

QVC had a really nice one on sale for about $300, and it included lots of extras. I had my credit card in my hand. Hey, I have Christmas money I haven't spent yet, and I'm too fat to buy clothes, so why not spend it on something that might help me get into some new clothes? Plus, I've been so good about exercising lately. Heck, I deserved this.

But then I had a thought - how many calories would I actually burn with this type of exercise? It was definitely what I liked to do - lots of stretching - no jumping around - but would it be intense enough for my new diet strategy - exercising like a maniac?

So, I went over to, which has a calculator for this kind of stuff, and checked it out. I plugged in 30 minutes and the results? 100 calories! Yup, that's it! 100!

I burn 3xs that with my walking DVDs, so that sobered me right up. I felt so cheated though. I was so ready to buy that puppy. I zipped over to and ordered some new Leslie Sansone DVDs (and a book of course...I can't help myself....almost as bad as French fries).

I'll let you know how my new DVDs are once I get them, but for now, it's back to Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds for Abs - 3 Miles.


Deb L said...

I'm not at all saying to get the pilates machine. But from my own experience with toning exercises, I can say that sometimes just the toning means a clothing size. No weight lost, and not much in the way of calories burned, but it can help with the shape and jiggly bits. heh heh. My college battle was born out of a. cheap greasy tasty comfort food for studying and b. not enough exercise because I was always sitting around studying!

I think people like pilates and yoga and such, because of toning, and not really for weight loss.

anyhow, haven't commented in a while, just wanted to say hello and that I keep you & your success with your weight goals in mind :)

Deb L

fatand40 said...

Interesting you should mentioned this - exactly what some one just told me today at lunch. So, I'm thinking now, get off the weight, at least 10lbs, and then treat myself to one. I may go over to one of those used sports places and see if they have one around. Maybe by then I'll figure out where to put the darn thing too, as we always have space issues around here.

Nice to "see" you Deb L