Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Girlie Menu

Tomorrow is grocery day, so that means the official back on the diet day. I'm not going crazy right now, but I'm still working through some leftovers. Got those black eyed peas to eat you know. I also got a short work out in this morning, so that always helps me start the day right.

As I'm sitting here trying to finish up some of my blogging for the week and prepare to clear tomorrow for teacher prep work, I came upon an interesting blog post about women's diets versus men's diets. This is something that has been a real struggle at our house because my husband and I have totally different needs. He can eat one big meal all day and nothing else and be fine. Me? I have to eat 20 little meals a day. If I try to eat just one big one, well, I just can't eat that much at one sitting, so that means 2 hours later I'm hungry again.

Okay, here's a little from the post I mentioned published on Aprils CR Diary, "His and Hers Portions?"

It would be interesting to see if restaurants would begin serving his and hers portions. You wouldn't have to label it that way, of course, you could just have size small and size large. But imagine a restaurant where my 4'11" friend and her 6'10" husband could go, order, and be served dishes that more closely corresponded to their actual calorie needs. There could even be a menu of "Just for Her" tiny, low calorie side dishes like calcium-packed yogurt treats. Men could order off the women's menu, and women could order off the men's menu, but there would be a basic understanding that men and women come in different sizes and a one size fits all approach doesn't work.

I love this idea. I usually bring home a doggie bag when we go out, but honestly, I still end up stuffing down way more than I need to. I'd love to see more places offer a variety as far as portions.

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