Friday, January 05, 2007

Had a Thing

Last night I had a "thing" to go to, one of those events that required me to dress semi-professional for a change, and of course, that meant trying to figure out what still fits me in my closet (ya, not much). I knew there was going to be snacks there, and so I planned ahead, making sure I ate an egg and cheese sandwich before I left. I'm learning slowly, but protein is really the way to keep myself full.

So, I get there, and sure enough there is Mrs. S0-and-So's lemon cake, chips, sodas, and a huge sandwich ring. Everyone was very friendly and enouraged me to "have something to eat." I hate situations like this because I feel like I'm being rude when I protest, so I compromised and picked up a napkin and put 3 preztels on it, returned to my seat and pulled out my water bottle.

A few minutes later, another participant showed up and sat next to me. Again, everyone greated her and insisted she get something to eat, and she gently protested. We introduced ourselves and come to find out we both had purposely eaten something before we got there to make sure we didn't eat at this "thing." She had just lost 50 lbs after having a baby and had about 20 more to go, which she confessed she needed to lose before she'd gotten pregnant. I confessed that I had no baby to blame it on and we laughed.

It felt good not to be the only person in the room that was fighting off the food. I didn't have to sit there while she chowed down on cake and sucked down a chunk of sandwich.

So far the last two days have been like that, tough but I'm doing it. I'm sticking around 1500 to 1700 calories and trying for 8 glasses of water a day. Two days down, a million to go.

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