Saturday, December 30, 2006

Who Is That Fat Chick?

Ahhh...the holidays are almost over, and while it's been fun, I have to admit that I am actually looking forward to literally tightening (I hope) the belt. There have been lunches with friends, dinners out, parties to try to pass on, and the office pot-lucks. All have been fun, but enough already.

After being away from my ick library job for about five days due to the holidays, I came back the other day and as I was waiting to clock in (tick, tick, tick...can't clock in early, gotta wait..tick, tick), I noticed a picture collage pasted next to the time clock. It was from a party the week before in tech services where I now sit due to the fact that there is simply an empty desk there and I'm the local part-time library gypsy. But,they were very sweet to me and invited me to their party and we all ate and did crazy things like have a tacky Christmas jewelry gift exchange and lots of pictures were taken, so someone ended up putting together the collage. Granted, no one was super-model material. Most were caught laughing or stuffing a corn chip in their mouths, but as I looked over the pictures (tick, tick, tick), I kept looking for me. I was there you know.

Finally after looking at each picture, I ran through them again until I found myself. "Oh, God! Is the me?" I thought. I had to lean over a little and take a closer look. "Oh, ugh! That is me!" Actually, I didn't have a goofy look on my face. I was just very red and very large. I had my red sweater set on and a plate of food in one hand and I was looking down, probably trying to hide from that damn camera!

I wanted to rip the picture off the wall, but of course, I couldn't do that. My new adopted cubicle-mates would not like that. And, I guess I must actually look like that.

I don't know how many wake-up calls it's going to take, but this was definitely one of them. So here's to leaving the big red fat chick back in 2006, and looking for a thinner, less red, version in 2007. I'm already working on my game plan. More to come next year.

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