Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dr. is Fat & Happy

Not exactly Victoria Secret material, but here I am wearing my fancy academic costume for probably the last time. Notice the "hood," as it's called. Only doctoral students get one of those. Even those with an Ed.d. don't get the same type of hood. As we were heading over to the arena, getting crammed on a bus that drove us in circles before finally getting there, a woman asked me about it: "That's different. What does that mean?" she asked pointing to the hood (which is velvet and satin). "It's for Ph.D students." I told her, and of course, she was totally impressed.

It was a very long day, driving to Orlando, getting lost on the way to the arena (they said there'd be signs...of course, they meant "sign" as in one), running around trying to get a robe that had a hole for my arm to go through it. The whole wrinkle thing was a non-issue at that point, especially after one of the people at the bookstore table tried to talk me into a wearing a robe for a 5' 11" person: "There you go. It looks great." ..... "Um, it's dragging on the floor. I'm not wearing this." Hey, I'm a doctor now, you know. I don't take that kind of crap from people any more. Well, actually I do, but come on!

I know I looked totally fat and totally geeky, but this is just not a "get your sexy on" kind of outfit. One saving grace was the fact that eveyone else was wearing the same or similar attire, so actually, it was kind of cool, like I'm so a member of this club now, at least I was for a day.

For a little extra geeky and fat affect, here's me with "the" diploma (yeah, baby, we actually get them @ the ceremony, not a blank book).


Queue_t said...

I am totally impressed- geeky and all, I think you look great.

And to have a Dr. hood is very cool indeed.

fatand40 said...

Thank you! :)