Saturday, December 02, 2006

Big Fat Liar

I'm such a big fat liar! Yesterday I finally managed to order my cap and gown, fingers crossed it will make it here before the big day. As I was ordering, the woman asked me how tall I was, my head size, and oh, yes, my weight!

My what? Why would she need to know that?

In case I needed a plus size, she wanted to make sure I was comfortable!

And, you know what? I so lied to her. I couldn't help myself. Granted I know I don't wear a plus size (at least not yet!) but I just couldn't admit the truth to this stranger over the phone. I imagined her checking some little box, "extra-large."

Maybe I won't be comfortable. Honestly, Thanksgiving really did me in worse than I thought. I took the pants test yesterday, trying on a pair that I had been able to wear okay before the holiday, and nope, no way are those two sides of the zipper ready to meet. I totally f-ed up all the work I'd done, and heck, it wasn't even that much work, a measly few pounds.

The flush thing didn't do diddly, and I know it was just one day, but you'd think I'd get some sort of pay back for the 12 hours I spent in the bathroom. But, there are no quick fixes, I know that, and I know what I have to do, but it just isn't any fun doing it.

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