Thursday, December 14, 2006

Calling Fat Academics

I came across this call for papers and I couldn't resist posting it here. Forgive the goofing markings. It's been a long, crazy day and I'm tired:

"Historicizing Fat"=20A
Proposed Special Session for the 2007 Annual Convention of the Modern =Language Association=20
Papers are solicited which consider how fat been constructed in =different historical periods. Papers might consider times in which fat =was unmarked entirely, understood in other than pathologized terms, or =alternatively, they might give a history to the category of "obesity."

=I am interested in the way in which history, broadly understood, can be =used to imagine and thus create alternatives to what sometimes seems =like an all-too-oppressive present. As such, papers that reflect on the =role history can play in creating a fat accepting community are =especially welcome.

=20=20E-mail a one-page abstract with a short biography by 16 March 2007 to
=Elena Levy-Navarro at
You will be notified of your =status by 1 April 2007. A
ll participants must be members of the MLA =before 7 April 2007. The MLA will be held in Chicago, IL from 27 Dec. - =30 Dec. 2007.

Elena Levy-Navarro, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorProgram in EnglishUniversity of Wisconsin at WhitewaterWhitewater, WI 53190(262)472-5047 (tel.)(262)472-1037 (fax)

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