Friday, December 08, 2006

Bad Shoe Day

Shoot. I was doing pretty well there, getting back to my daily DVD walking and/or walking the dogs, and I blew it by wearing some bad shoes. I hate when that happens and I hate that I have whimpy feet.

Now the bottoms of my feet feel like someone took a sledge hammer to them. I actually work with a woman who is on her feet all day, very physical job, and she wears heels! I go walking in a pair of old sneekers followed by a day of wearing 1 inche mules, and I'm dying! Are even my feet out of shape?

The worst part is that we had planned on walking the dogs tonight, and (a) I was really looking forward to it as the weather has turned a little nippy and (b) I know I'll get flack from my DH if I don't go. He won't buy the feet problem.

Hmm..should I just go and have one more night of pain? Or, should I cool it for a day or so?

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