Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Saga Continues

Yes, believe it or not it is Thursday and I'm still on the icky side. I'm still coughing, and the nose is still going somewhat a well.

To say that I'm sick of being sick by now is, well, not necessary to say, is it?

The only upside to still having some of this is that I'll get to share it with some of my coworkers tomorrow and the next few days. I've missed a few days of work, and I only work there 3 days a week, so of course, there's the usual grief people have to give you who hate you and don't believe you are really sick.

When I went into work on Sunday, which of course is a day very few people at the library other than myself work, I saw a nasty "sick again" sprawled across the schedule. The b* or should I saw robot who does the schedule and isn't my boss but think she should be had to write that because, well, she's a jealous old woman who has no life.

I actually had this horrible urge to lick or spit on her phone receiver. But, then, I thought, well, she's old and skinny and would probably get sick too and maybe she'd die so then that would make me a murder and I'd live the rest of my life knowing I killed someone, and that would not be good for me, so I didn't do it.

I'm sure when I go in tomorrow and see her laser-beam eyes shooting at me I will have wished I'd had. Just leave your desk for a few second old woman...that's all I need!

So, I'm still fat and eating way, way too many fish crackers.

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