Sunday, July 02, 2006

No Scale Monday

With the 4th of July holiday coming up, this means I actually get to spend a few extra days during the week with my husband. He is a major work-a-holic, usually leaving the house before 8 and getting home no earlier than 6 ever day. In fact, at least a couple days a week, he has to go to evening meets as well. So we really appreciate having extra time together, and he's taken off Monday to give himself a long weekend.

As it turns out, along with the holiday, I also have a reason to celebrate because Friday I got my final book manuscript finished and out the door!

So, I'm declaring Monday as a "No Scale" day. Usually, it is my day to do a weekly weigh in. Not that I haven't been stepping on the scale during the week here and there, but I'm trying to go by what it says on Mondays for the most part.

After Michael learned of my cooking success the other day, and after he recoverd from the shocked that I didn't burn something or ruin another pot, he asked about doing a real burger cook out. (He knows I'm trying to keep things low, low, low on the food now.) And, since we have a lot to celebrate, I'm going to go for it tomorrow.

That means, real burgers on the grill, and even a few brewskies. I may still go for the low-fat cheese on top, but other than that, I'm just going to enjoy our next few days together, and pay for it the rest of the week (and probably the week after that too!).


Anita said...


Congrats on finishing your book!

I keep reading your blog and TRYING to get up enough guts to go on a diet myself. I'd like to lose 35 pounds. That's probably a lot of treadmilling and not eating pizza. So....I'm reading for inspiration.

So far, I'm at the stage of READING about losing weight...not actually losing weight.

Congrats on your weight loss success too! It's a double victory. Book and weight.


fatand40 said...

Well, my weight loss at this point is pretty piddlie, but even a few pounds can be encouraging. It's nice now that my "fat" pants are no longer tight!