Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back on Track Today

Yesterday was fun, and the burgers were fabulous. I mean, wow! Both Michael and I were totally amazed at how good they were. I also was bad at breakfast and had eggs with carizo (sp?) and cheese in them. Those were my "bad" but tasted oh-so-good meals of the day. For the rest of the day, I drank a ton of lemon water and ate a lot of fruit, so we'll see if that made a difference or not.

Today, though, I'm back on track. That means keeping the calorie count low, sticking with my fruits, drinking water, and as soon as my breakfast setttles, going for a walk. It is going to be a majorly hot walk today, but since tonight there will be yeehaws out there with their fireworks, I figured I should try to get it over with.

I may step on the scale in a few days and take my medicine, but for now, I'm just going to pretend like it doesn't matter and concentrate on getting back to the plan.

BTW, Happy 4th of July! I know there is a lot crap going on in the world, diet aside, it is a good day to also remember why it is so great to be an American and why we should be grateful that we live here.

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