Friday, July 28, 2006

Groundbreaking Exercise Program!

Get a total body workout!
No special equipment or training needed!
Melt the pounds off of you!

This is my testimonial to a new workout program I've discovered called High Intensity Housework:

Like the average busy person, I clean, but I do maintenance type cleaning, the type you need to do on a weekly or so basis: laundry, vacuuming, etc. This is enough to keep the house livable, though not necessarily spotless as it definitely always looks lived-in.

With company coming this weekend, though, I had to shift gears into major cleaning or high intensity housework. For me, when I shift into this mode I start doing all kinds of wacky things like deciding to clean out the linen closet that is crammed full of stuff, odds and end of various sheets and towels that we have collected since moving in here about 8 years ago. Why do I have 20 pillow cases that no longer match any of our sheets? It's a mystery, and this is one of the many chores I find myself doing when I get into this kind of cleaning frenzy.

Since I start finding all these side jobs to do, I ended up making a lot more work for myself. What could be a one or two day cleaning turns into a week long grueling workout routine. And, of course, my guests are due to arrive any minute and I'm exhausted. All I can do is think about taking a nap, and as it so happens, my nap-buddy-kitty is now waiting for me right now, with a look of shock that I'm not snuggled up next to him.

On the up side to all this cleaning - other than having a super clean house where you could (at least at this moment in time before my husband comes in with his huge boots) eat off my kitchen floor - is that I feel like I've run a marathon. Every muscle in my body, back, legs, arms, ache. So, that must be good. At least, it is good in a sore owie kind of way.

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