Saturday, July 08, 2006

Good Moments and Bad Moments

I haven't blogged here for a few days, life ya know. Basically, I'm hanging in there, though I need to really get serious. I tend, like I'm sure most people do, to have really good moments where I'm totally on top of the whole eat right thing. For example, I went out to lunch with my friend J. on Friday and I knew the place we were going to didn't have any low-cal salad dressings, so I brought my own. It's a small sandwhich place downtown, so the guys running it had to raze me some, almost begging me to use their dressing, but when I asked if they had any low-cal stuff, "Oh, nope, don't believe in that." I replied, "Well, if I don't use low-cal then I may as well have a cheese burger." Ga-zing.

So that was my good moment.

Today, my bad moment including going to my nephew's birthday party and eating my weight in spinich dip.

I have lunch on Tuesday with C., so I need to be really good the next few days or I'll have to confess all my sins to her when we meet up. Weds. looks like another lunch date with a friend who is moving out of state, and I just have a feeling one of those bad moments will happen!


fool45 said...

Haha, perhaps considering 3 days away as "too long" may be a sign of blogomonia. :-)

Personally, I'm glad you still have time to "keep it real."

fatand40 said...

Oh, it's real alright. I'm not sure I have have blogmania, but the idea is that this blog is supposed to help keep me focused. When I don't blog, I'm not focused.