Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It is Just So HOT!

Yesterday I did manage to go for my walk, just twenty minutes around this large circle of pavement in our neighborhood. It has been so hot, and of course, I am way out of shape and still fighting a tiny cough. I did do it, but then it took me awhile to recover afterwards. I was hot, shaking, and starving! Don't you hate that?!

Today, I'm planning on substituting house work for the walk, and actually, I'd much rather do the walk, but I have company coming this weekend, and I have to make the house look like it is spottless, like we live in a perfectly neat and tiny house every day of our lives. So, that means a lot of cleaning, mainly clutter. We are pack rats, both of us.

So, that's my exercise for the day. I will get a break though and have lunch with C. over at Crispers. Normally, I really love this place to eat because you can see into the kitchen and they have a lot of health (and not so healthy) food, but I just got on their web site to try to check the nutrients listings and of all things they do not list calories. What the hell? I sent them a snippy email. That is just idiotic to have all the other info, fat, carbs, fiber, and not calories.

Oh, the food thing went okay yesterday. I ended up with something like 1500 calories, though my sodium was way too high. I swear. To me, the sodium is much harder to get a handle on than the calories. I was a little hungry yesterday. My taste buds are still not totaly back to normal, and I haven't been to the store in awhile to stock up on fruit and other good things, so it was just hard for me to find something I wanted to eat that was good for me and located in my kitchen.

Boy, I could just keep writing and not go clean, but then I know it will be sitting here waiting for me when I return from lunch.

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