Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fat Pants Trouble

I still haven't gotten on the scale, but I'm wearing a pair of what I consider my "fat pants" and they are tight. So, that tells me a lot.

I'm not going to beat myself up about it too much. That's one of the things C. keeps telling me not to do because eventually you may just give up. And I don't want to do that of course.

But today is yet another day to begin and as it happens it is also grocery day, which is actually a good thing because it gives me a chance to sort of renew my vows.


Anita said...

Your doing great Tammy. Don't be so hard on yourself. Keep the bigger goal in mind. The end result is that right at this very moment you weigh less than you did 3 months ago.

Fat and definitely over 40,

Anita said...


This blog made me buy a watermelon the other day. Now I am starting to think healthier thoughts when it comes to food choices.

I am going into the kitchen now and slicing it up. I will also take some to work tomorrow.


Deb L said...

The burgers sounded pretty awesome!

What I love about summer (no, not the heat, ugh) is shopping for fresh produce. Things like the black cherries just don't keep in cold storage, so they're totally seasonal. (well, if you want fresh and not frozen or canned). I hope you found some delicious groceries on your shopping expedition!

A little slide on the diet happens- especially holidays. Just remember the big picture and how a year from now you'll be pounds lighter. :)

fatand40 said...

Yes, and of course, I'm shooting for a permanent lifestyle change as they call it.

The burgers were fab! I'm still dreaming of them.