Monday, July 24, 2006

Back at It Today or Mondays Suck

No wonder everyone hates Mondays - It's the beginning of the work week and the day most of us start on our diets - And, today, that means me.

I've still got a tiny bit of a cough, just now and then, but I'm well enough to start walking and watching what I eat again. I plan on taking an edited version of what was my daily walk. I'm sure with this Florida heat (it was 76 degrees with, like 100% humidity, at 8:00 this morning) it will be a rough one, but with all the afternoon showers we've been having lately, it looks like I'm going to have to switch my walks back to the mornings.

I'm actually a little relieved to feel well enough to go at this again. I do miss my walks. It always feels good to get a little exercise, no matter how fat and forty I am. The eating thing, not so much fun, but at least I get the feeling I'm trying to do something about this extra tire around my ass.

I was talking with a woman at work the other day about dieting, and of course, I got the usual, "You look good. You don't need to lose weight." But, of course, this was coming from someone who really, really needs to lose weight. It is even affecting her health now in a major way, but she told me she didn't care. She was just going to eat what she wants and if she gains weight so what. Knowing her as I do, that didn't really surprise me that much, but I just can't feel the same way. I can't buy into the idea of liking your body no matter what. I liked being thin, wearing cute clothes, not having to worry about how I was going to get a zipper closed. I miss that, and I want it back, damn it!

So, I'm easing into the diet thing again, or the eating right thing since "diet" is supposed to be a dirty word. I have company coming at the end of the week, so that is going to be difficult, but right now I just need to think about today.

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