Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bridget Jones

We watched Bridget Jones's Diary last night for the first time. I had seen bits and pieces of it on TV but never the whole movie, and one thing I was really surprised about what the fact that Rene Z. was supposed to have packed on a lot of weight for this role.

Now, I will admit she wasn't her normal teeny tiny self, but actually, she has a nice figure in this movie, and I couldn't help but wonder if those boobies came from the added weight or if it was just some Hollywood illusion going on, a special bra perhaps?

To add a little more confusion, the character writes in her diary that she is 136 lbs, which is I guess supposed to be huge. Now, sure, that is more than most people her height (which I think is around 5' 3") would like to weigh, but I was under the impression with all the Hollywood hub bub about her weight, that the character would be much heavier.

I thought Bridget was supposed to be a fact chick.

Instead, she was an adorable 30 something with a nice rack. Not skinny, but cute and, I thought, attractive.

Here's a picture of Rene as her regular skinny self. Cute, maybe even elegant, but not sporting exactly the same set of cha-chas as she did in the movie.


anita said...


I am 5'6" tall and when I wore a size 6, I looked very thin. Why wouldn't someone who is a lot shorter than 5'6" look very thin in a size 6?

Naturally, when I wore a size 6 I thought I was HUGE. Judging from my figure now, I didn't even know the meaning of the word HUGE back then. I do now. lol I can only pray to the pizza gods that I don't learn the meaning of HUGER.


P.S. Ya...ya...I know ..HUGER isn't a real word.

fatand40 said...

When you are taller you can carry more weight and thus wear a larger size. I think too that a lot has to do with how you are built.

Anonymous said...


I've read both the Bridget Jones books many times (obviously a fan here) and I don't think the story is about a woman who IS overweight but who THINKS she is overweight. She's just a fine example of how lots of women feel about their bodies, even those who sit in the healthy ranges for their height.

fatand40 said...

I guess something got lost in the movie translation. Thanks for that info.