Sunday, August 20, 2006

Birthday Party Report

Yesterday I finally had some good news from my scale, so the pressure was on to be good. And, I think I was pretty good at the party, though not fabulous. I wasn't eating carrot sticks all day, but I didn't go crazy either. Plus, when I got home not only did I go for a walk, though I really wanted to take a nap after all that driving, but I managed to walk for almost an hour versus my usual 30 minute deal. It's my goal to get up to an hour of walking a day, so this alone was very encouraging. Hopefully, I can do it again tonight after I get home from work.

Some of my strategies for the party worked, but they need some tweeking before I go to another party. My egg breakfast actually stuck with me, so I wasn't hungry when I got there and I barely ate any of my grapes even while I was driving. When I arrived, they were getting ready to cut the cake because my sister had sort of 2 shifts of guests, kids in the morning and immediate family in the afternoon. So I just ate a very small piece of cake, basically a few bites, but that was pretty much it until the rest of the guests left.

She didn't have the vegies plate like she usually did, but I brought a salad and low-cal dressing. This was a good idea actually. However, she didn't set it out until after the food on the grill was ready to eat, so by then I was getting kind of hungry and I ate a few wings and some fried shrimp she had out for us to snack on. Looking back, I should have asked to have the salad put out and maybe next time I'll bring extra plates for it so it could work as an appetizer too. I could have filled up on salad while I was waiting instead of wings and shrimp. I made a really large salad, so there was a lot left after we all ate. Thus, plenty of salad was there to eat before and during the meal.

I'm back on it today, and while I don't dare step on the scale right now, I know what I did last week was working, so I'm just going to keep doing it. Hopefully, Monday when I weigh myself, things won't be too bad from my Saturday splurge.


Deb L said...

Yay! :)

Maybe with the crochet you could learn how to make bracelets and anklets. The mother of one of my friends made some crocheted anklets with the jingly Middle Eastern bells all around, for those of us who used to bellydance. (speaking of fun workout, you might enjoy learning the Middle Eastern dance. Not only is it a Woman Empowering sort of thing to do, but it really gets those pesky muscles we nerdy chair-sitting types tend to never use. hehehe)

fatand40 said...

Hi Deb. Nice to see you around!Actually, bead crochet and knitting are very popularl right now and I've dabbled in them, but I am pretty brain dead in the evenings. I just go with a big hook, a roll of yarn (usually varigated even), and one stitch, over and over again.