Friday, August 04, 2006

Advice from an Anorexic

I was talking to C. the other day, actually in reverse roles as I was giving her the pep talk for a change. She hasn't lost any more weight and knows it is because she's just eating more than she should. Now, back tracking here, she looks fabulous (which is what I told her among other things). But, she wants to get down to a size 4 and as she puts it she's a "fat size 6."

Now to me, "fat" and "6" don't actually go together, but she is a good deal shorter than I am, so I agree to be considered really thin versus normal size, 4 is probably a good size for her.

As we were talking, the subject of a friend of hers who lost a bunch of weight quickly (about 15 lbs in a month or so) came up and about how this woman was always able to get the weight off really quickly once she slipped a little. When C. asked her how she did it, not surprisingly she confessed to cutting back to about 1200 calories a day, exactly what C. told me NOT to do.

Furthermore, she told C. that one thing she found helpful were portein bars because she is so hungry that during the night she wakes up repeatedly. When she does so, she takes a few bits of a protein bar and is able to go back to sleep.

Now ignoring the part that someone is so hungry it wakes them up more than once during the night, we realized her protein bar idea had some possibilities. My "squeezing the banana" post is not an usual situation for me. Granted, I rarely get sick like this, but I'm sure I'm like most people when there are days where I'm running around and that usually equates (for me) to eating crap. Hell, a good 20lbs of what I need to lose I can say came from my years of commuting to school. It's nearly impossible to drive and eat salad. Now, french fries are a great driving food.

Protein bars are great for days when I'm working, but I need to run home and take the dogs out real quickly. With all the driving, there's no time to really eat. They would also be handy for the evenings when you may feel like munching all night. Protein bars are really filling, so they may curb that a little.

I bought just a few to try because of my delicate palette, and they taste okay. So far, I've tried the Atkins - Advantage Bar, which was about 220 calories and 19g of protein, and the Pria bar, which was a little smaller and 110 calories and 5g of protein. Yesterday, I used one while running around to get me through lunch and later had some fruit when I was able to sit and relax for a few minutes, and it filled me up but was only about a 300 calorie meal. So, not too bad.

I'll report back when I get some time to see if these help or not.


Deb L said...

The clothes sizes are really misleading. I found that out just by shopping at several different places. If a store buys clothing that uses one system, I wear an 8 or 10 (depending on style. those silly hips, they don't match the rest of me). But at some of the trendier stores, clothes that fit THE EXACT SAME WAY ? Those size labels tell me I'm wearing a size 2. a TWO.

An interesting tidbit- I used to sew quite a bit, and had some vintage patterns that were in my grandmother's things. The hip/waist/bust size on her patterns told me my pattern size aka clothing size was a SIXTEEN. In the 1940s. The same hip/waist/bust sizes on my 1990s patterns put me at between an 8 and 10.

Moral? You can't trust the size.

The protein bar idea sounds like it might work. When I was in college I put on quite a bit of weight from sitting & eating campus food and not doing a lot of physical activity. At the time, there weren't a lot of powerbar type options- I had the fudge Slimfast snack bar things. Talk about DENSE. and Chalk-like. eww. It did help me not overeat while snacking during my studies though, because I'd take one small bite, chew it for eternity, and so on. took a Very Long Time to get through one of them. heh. Thank heavens the modern equivalent tastes better!

thinking germ-kicking, weight-losing happy thoughts your way!

fatand40 said...

That is very true about sizes! I've got 3 pair of capri pants, all from Target, all by the same manufacturer, just 3 different colors. They all fit me differently.

I actually lost weight (and didn't need to) on my first go round at college. This time I'm 20 years older, so big difference!

Almost Perfect said...

Hello :) I like your blog , very interesting lol. I'm dealing with anorexia right now lol so don't ever try 2 loose way like this , its awful lol... if u wana tlk someday...

fatand40 said...

Hi Sway - Nice to see you found me and have enjoyed the blog. I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with this awful disorder and I hope you are reaching out to loved ones and family for help. I didn't mean the bars to be used as the person who I wrote about does. For me, I see them as a healthier way to eat on the go. Much better than french fries as least!