Thursday, May 03, 2007

Breakfast at Bob's

A friend of mine whom I haven't seen in forever wants to have breakfast with me next week. I told her I'd lost a few pounds, and where does she want to eat? Bob Evans!

I know C. would be flipping out if I told her, but I think I can do this. In fact, last discussion with C. we talked about eating out. She says she just can't do it and lose weight. Me? I like to eat out, and I don't do it often. What I've been trying to teach myself to do, though, is not treat every time I eat out like some sort of special event, thus allowing myself to pig out (okay, my anniversary was special, but that comes once a year).

Part of me wonders if my breakfast friend subconsciously is trying to sabotage my diet. She's bummed about her weight, so even though I've only lost 2 messly pounds, she can't help but think of the most fattening place on the face of the Earth to eat.

But, I went to the BE web site and looked around. As I suspected, it doesn't look good, but I think I can get away with hot tea, water, an English muffin, and an egg or two. That would be filling but not way over the top. Actually, eggs are great because they are not real high in calories and their protein is wonderful.

Right now, that's my plan for breakfast at Bob's. On a good note, it will be after my weigh-in day, thus hopefully, I'll have some extra insentive to be good.

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