Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Will We Ever Be Happy?

I mentioned to C. the other day that we should do lunch again with a mutal friend of ours. The three of us haven't gotten together in a while, and this other person, J. had been emailing me about a get together, which I thought was a nice idea. We are all bead buddies, and it's nice to hang with those in the bead-know sometimes.

When I told C. this, she said, yes, but we need to do something other than eat. She was losing her 10lbs now, doing well, and just can't bring herself to go out to eat, even salad bars are off limits. Eventually, she suggested we bring lunch to her house, whatever we wanted to eat at least, while she at her own food, which from what I gather often consists of an entire bag of frozen broccoli, no butter of course.

Then she went on to tell me about how she still wants to get down to 125 lbs. Right now, she's on the edge of getting back down to the 130s, which means her size 6s again, which to me means she looks great. I started to hear the same wacko comments of hers, and I know once she gets down to the 130s, she's going to start in with the "I want to be a size 4" thing again.

I tried to reason with her. At size 6, even at her 5'2" frame, she looked fabulous, and hey, it wasn't easy to mantain, as she so well knows now. So, what gives? Will she, will any of us, ever manage to be happy, even when we finally meet our goals? Is it enough?


Doctora Yvonne said...

I´ve noticed that overweight people who start a severe diet often change their personality. They usually become more serious about life and about themselves, and sometimes they even become boring. They certainly don´t become happier. It happened to some of my friends and actually I start to miss the "old person"!

Doctora Yvonne said...

There´s a book I strongly recommend, because it helps women get more friendly with their bodies and their need to lose weight. "When you eat a the refrigerator, pull up a chair", from Geneen Roth.

fatand40 said...

Actually, funny you should say that. C. has changed some, but mostly the thing is that almost all she ever talks about is weight loss. And, she has lost some friends over it. Because so many of us aren't as successful as she is, I think there have been some hurt feelings. Me? I love her no matter is she's a size 6 or 26. Yes, I get a little tired of her yammer about it, but if I do, I just change the subject or I come out and say, "let's talk about something else." But she's lost a few close friends who couldn't handle the "new her." I'm going to check out that book too. Thanks for the recommendation.