Friday, April 20, 2007

Why Librarians Are Fat

After loading up my freezer with Weight Watcher frozen dinners, recently on sale for 50% off, my husband gingerly asked me, "So, what's the deal? Are you back on Weight Watchers?" (Did I noticed a hopeful tone to his voice?)

This brought out the little black book and my writing down what I eat again, and I've been so good for the past few days. Then I arrive at my CLJ today to find the following: 3 small candy bars on my desk; 3 half-eaten bags of chips and leftover cake in the breakroom; and two bags of donut holes in circulation. What the *ell?!!

Why is it that everyone at work seems to want to sabotage your diet? Sunday when I worked, it was a clerk's birthday. This brought out the birthday cake and pizza. Monday a coworker made yet another cake and brought it in. She didn't want her family to eat it because they all need to lose a few pounds. Of course, she's a stick (she smokes) and so decides to bring it in to work to protect her children from gaining more weight.

Why do people feel a need to do this? Is it because work sucks so we use food as a way to get through the day?

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Doctora Yvonne said...

Where I work, at 5pm (I work until 7) we start talking about buying some cookies or biscuits. At that time, everything becomes unbearable and the simple act of calling the delivery and eating those sweets completely changes our moods. Food can be so conforting..

fatand40 said...

I wish, though, that rice cakes were as comforting as cookies! They are just so NOT!

Anonymous said...

SOOOOOO True. I have been a male librarian for 8 years now. Within 6 months, I learned that all of the employees (93% women) chose to fill the voids in their life that they complained about day in and day out with chocolate, pastries, candy, cake, pizza... and more chocolate. Fruit and Vegetable platters are left untouched and end of getting thrown out. Because of pure disgust, I haven't eaten more than a candy bar in the past 2 years and desserts are something of the past. Then again, since most of the time, they are complaining about their husbands, maybe its me who is the problem. Who knows. OH, and one of their toes are crossed, and that also makes me not eat.