Friday, April 06, 2007

Needles are NBD

Well, I have to take it all back. My husband is not a needle wimp. In fact, he has really stepped up and been the first of both of us to give my kitty his shot solo. I'm going to attempt it on my own tonight. Kitty has been so good. He's getting eye goop put in his eyes for an infection along with liquid antibiotics 2xs a day, and now shots 2xs a day...such a trooper.

But, the needles are really tiny. I honestly don't think he feels a thing. The hardest part - and this is where he takes after moi - is the not eating for 12 hours. He can only have one meal ever 12 hours, so that means nothing in between. The vet said I could maybe give him a kibble or two to just fake him out, but if we have issues with the insulin not working, then I'll even have to cut that out.

But, otherwise, the shot issue has not been that big of a deal.

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