Monday, October 01, 2007

Welcome 2 October!

I love this time of the year! My two favorite months are October and March. One reason is due to the weather. About now, the temperature in Florida is starting to change. It's very subtle, but while it still gets into the mid-80s down here, you just don't sweat as much as you usually do. In fact, at 8:30 this morning, it was 74 degrees! The wind is blustering and it's been raining some, so to us natives, it really is starting to feel like fall.

Another reason I like October is because of Halloween. I spent most of my childhood wearing costumes of some sort as I was always pretending to be someone else, so I have a fondness for Halloween in general. It's too bad we lose that affinity for pretending when we grow up. Today I have a lot of school work to do since I have class tomorrow, and I've got a new jewelry book I'm working on that I hope to bang out a few more pages on. Maybe today while I'm working, I'll pretend that I'm actually a world famous novelist and that instead of grading essays, I'm actually making the finishing touches to my latest novel manuscript.

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Elizabeth said...

Found you from a Google search, and I am also, well, to be honest, Fat and 40. I don't have a specific weight loss blog, but I am on my second week of Weight Watchers and having a really hard time. Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Floridian, I know exactly what you mean. I love our one whole month of Fall, lol.

Good luck on the book!

fatand40 said...

Hi Elizabeth. I'm glad you found me. WW is a great program. The first few weeks seem hard, but honestly after about week 2, most people get the hang of it. Remember to eat all your points and just plan a lot.

fatand40 said...

Thanks, Deb. I have so much work to do on it. I was clicking along and then got the template from the publisher the other day, ugh!