Friday, October 19, 2007

Fat Rant Find

I saw this video clip posted over at my friend Stevie's blog, La-Story. I agree to some extent on Joy's creed for fat people - We should not keep our life on hold because we are fat. But, of course, I also have to admit that I haven't worn a bathing suit in about 5 years!

I don't agree, though, that it's something we should just live with. As I posted in a comment on Stevie's blog, "How many fat old people do you see walking around?" None? That's because obesity can kill you or at the very least shorten you life span.

I also gree that size zero and double zero is just insane. However, size 8 and 10? Obviously, depending on how tall you are and your age, I don't think getting down to an 8/10/12 is out the question, hard to do, but not impossible.

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Stevie said...

hey girl
well I am glad you liked the post. It's interesting because I happen to agree with Joy's fat rant and people should be healthy-- not uber skinny.
though I have to say that based on what I saw at the troubadour last week, the only way the actresses stay thin is by smoking. HONEST