Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where B U?

My 6 loyal readers are probably wondering where is fatand40? What is she doing? Why isn't she here blogging?

This is my "fun" place to blog, which means it is not one of my blog-for-pay sites. (Unless you count the five cents I'll make this year off the google ad I finally added.) So, that means, it is way down on my priority list, but here's a catch up of my life in general....

  • I've been blogging/writing for my paying blog/sites.
  • I went to a job interview for a full-time teaching gig, at a university no less. I won't know one way or the other until the end of the month, so that gives me a few weeks of sleepless nights trying to figure out if I really want the job or not or will I even get it. (It means some killer driving and low pay, but could help wipe out the "adjunct" blight from my CV.)
  • I've been grading papers for the three classes I'm teaching, one of which just ended, another to start up tonight. Oy!
  • I'm talking with a local college about teaching a class on blogging...yes, cool, no? (It's not for credit but it would be for cash, and plus, I love turning people on to the blogosphere.)
  • I'm working on a proposal for an MLA thingy. Yes, me on a plane and maybe at MLA. The country mouse comes to mind.
  • I just finished a book review for an academic journal who turned around and asked me to rewrite thing off and then back on my plate! (And I don't even like this darn book!)
  • I'm working on an article about women webloggers which I hope will get accepted at a journal in a month or so.
  • I sent in a brief proposal to my jewelry book editor who is too busy to look at it now, so I have wait. (ugh)
  • My diet? Not so good, but not so bad. I still have a time with counting those calories, and I know I really need to.
  • My exercise? I'm still at it, daily if not a few times a day. I see little to no change, but it wasn't like a was a total couch potato before. I keep reminding myself that it is good for me, even though I see no radical changes in my fat ass.

I could go on, but I think you get the drift.

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