Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Blog?

Since starting to read Will Richardson's book, it didn't take me long to realize I need to put together a blog for all the classes I'm teaching. It was sort of a 'duh' moment when he suggested that blogs are handy for creating class portals, places where you can store handouts, writing assignments, etc. for classes. Because I'm at two different schools and teach on the web and in the classroom, I realized this would be a great way to create my only little spot on the web for all my classes to access.

Since I'm a writer, I'm very into writing handouts. So even if all the assignments aren't the same for all the classes I teach, if nothing else I can have those available for all my students.

Now, what to name it? I need something snappy, yet not too long, and not to hard to remember either. Here are a few ideas I have so far (and I haven't gone as far to see if these are even available or not):

Write 4 Dr. P
Write Gooder
Dr. Powley Teaches
Dr. P Teaches
Write Here
Writing is...
Writing is Rewriting
Writing in Cement

hmmmm....I'm open to suggestions. Anyone who comes up with a cool blog name is gets extra credit!

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